What you need to know about JOOP

The JOOP! GmbH is an internationally operating fashion enterprise for ladies and men's fashion as well as accessories, perfume and home textiles which was founded 1986 of the German fashion-designer Wolfgang Joop in Hamburg. Since 2001 the company is led without Wolfgang Joop and belongs since 2008 to the _Holy Fashion Group_.

The founder
Wolfgang Joop was born 18. November 1944 as a son of Gerhard (1914-2007) and Charlotte (1916-2010) Joop in Potsdam.
After its graduation at the Wilhelm high school in Brunswick, Joop 1966 started with studies of the psychology of advertising in Brunswick which it only began on impulses of its father and not from interest of its own, however, to end not led.
He worked as a restorer after the studies demolition and dealt with art. He started with studies of the art in 1968 but he did not end this either.
1970, Joop married the art student Karin Benatzky and has two daughters - Jette Joop and Florentine Joop with her, the same year was also the beginning of his actual career where he, together with his wife, took part at a fashion competition of the German magazine _Constanze_ and they both won the first three prizes together. Due to this success he became a fashion editor for the woman magazine "new fashion". He rejected this job in 1971 and preferred to work independently further among other things as freelance journalist and as designer.
1978 Joop obtained the international breakthrough when he introduced his first own fur collection and was honored with several international titles.
In spring 1982 he announced his first Prêt-at Porter lady collection.
1983 he was honored with the Fil d'or (the Oscar in the fashion industry).
1984 was followed by several awards including one of the European Commission of Silk, followed then by the first men collection 1985.

The founding of JOOP!
1986 he founded the _JOOP!_ GmbH with his business partner, the _Lancaster_ manager Herbert Frommen, in Hamburg. The idea of connecting the name Joop with an exclamation mark in capital letters to a trademark and logo had Joop at the beginning of the early 1980s years.
With the great success of his first perfume collection they established "JOOP!" As a lifestyle brand in the upper-middle price segment and from there on "JOOP!" was not only a designer label anymore but a lifestyle brand and thus achieve immediately more buyers. At his point the "JOOP!" label became available for licensing and they sold more than 20 licenses for different segments of JOOP!, Including Women's Fashion, Men's Clothing, Children's fashion, jeans, Knitwear, ties, underwear, socks, Shoes, scarves, leather goods, bags, belts, glasses, watches, domestic and of course perfume. Joop's company no longer produced any of its own goods for sale.
After discrepancies in 1998 with his business partner, Wolfgang Joop sold 95 per cent of his shares of the business to the _Wünsche AG_ located in Hamburg for about 150 million marks. He stayed as chief designer of the brand JOOP until he sold the remaining 5 per cent of the enterprise in the year 2001.
At the End of 2001, after high tax payments of the JOOP! GmbH and were Wolfgang Joop had obtained by a court decision fee payments in the millions, reported the _Wünsche AG_ Insolvency and was liquidated in a row.
In 2003, after a long battle with banks and shareholders of _Wünsche AG_, the insolvency administrator divided the _JOOP! GmbH_ in three equal parts and sold this parts to the former licensee of JOOP, _Windsor / Strellson_, _Egana Goldpfeil_ and _Lancaster / Coty_ of which was the result that every part was responsible for his own area.
End of 2008, the _Holy Fashion Group_, owner of the brands Windsor and Strellson, bought the rest of his missing shares and became the sole owner of the JOOP! GmbH.
Since 2008 the company _JOOP!_ sales alongside women's and men's fashion, accessories (bags, shoes, leather goods, eyewear), watches and jewelry, underwear, home collection Living, interior textiles, bedding, furniture programs, Eau de Toilette and Perfume.
The brand awareness of JOOP! in Germany is still 82%. JOOP! operates its own boutiques in Hamburg, Dusseldorf and outlets in Bielefeld, near Windsor, in Wertheim Village and in Metzingen.
The main market of the brand is Germany and internationally it plays no significant role anymore.

This post is a translated version of the original information from the site Eau de Toilette

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